What makes a Grillex BBQ different?

by | Feb 4, 2019 | Articles | 0 comments

It is not uncommon for us to hear that “All park bbqs are the same”.  However, each industry supplier has patented designs unique to our businesses.  So what are the one’s that Grillex consider makes us better than the rest?

Grillex’s innovative Heatcell ensures that all valuable heat energy is captured and released where is it most effective. The Grillex’s clever design provides maximum element contact with a copper assisted heat distribution process, ensuring all heat is transferred efficiently and evenly. This provides consistent high temperatures across the entire hotplate, so you can cook the perfect steak!

Smarter MK2 BBQ Controller
This powerful and efficient unit now has a bright easy to read digital display and comes with all the added functions and features you have been waiting for!!

In addition to the features of the smart MK1, the new MK2 smarter controller now has;

  • A counter to monitor how many times the BBQ has been used,
  • A total run hours meter to measure the duration of use,
  • and a total KwH used meter which displays the power consumed.

With all of this unique functionality built in, the one element that puts our bbq unit a step above the rest is the independent hot plate.  This means there is flexibility in the mounting position for the controller as well as the ability to upgrade your bbq technology as we advance the technology within the controller, without the need to replace the entire unit.

We believe we have the best looking bbq’s in the business, and although we may be biased, we also know they are the most superior when it comes to how they are constructed.  Our cabinets are made from either powder coated marine grade aluminium or stainless steel.  This construction makes them extremely strong.  We currently have 3 main styles of cabinet, the EDGE, Frontier and Contour.  Having 3 styles, combined with a large range of options and finishes, allows our customers to create a custom bbq without the custom price tag.