Public Barbecues, how hygienic are they?

by | Oct 4, 2017 | Articles | 0 comments

So, you have packed up the car, grabbed the family and headed down to your local park to enjoy a barbecue in the great outdoors. However, upon arrival you find the barbecue is an absolute mess. Who knows what has been cooking on there. So, what do you do now? Can you get it clean? Even if you do get it clean will it be safe to cook on? Or should you just give up and go home?

These are great questions, which I hope we can address over the next few paragraphs.

Can you get it clean?
If the Barbecue is a Grillex Barbecue, in most circumstances I would say yes. The electro polished cooking surface has been proven to be extremely easy to clean. A lot of the time just water and cloth or paper towel will do the trick, however for more stubborn issues, scrubbing or scrapping is also ok.

Even if you do get it clean will it be safe to cook on?
For this one it comes down to how confident you are in the cleaning job you have done. With the heat the plate runs at it will kill off most germs, sterilising the cooking surface. When you have managed to get the plate looking like new after cleaning I would recommend letting the unit completely heat up and cook any residue left on the plate for a few minutes just to be safe. This should allow you to assess how clean you feel the barbecue is now. If you still have your doubts, we highly recommend using a barbecue mat, which will not only give you piece of mind, but will also make cleanup when you are finished easy.

Should you just give up and go home?
With our Grillex range of Barbecues, we have done everything we can to ensure you don’t need to do this. Our units are built extremely strong, the materials used in the hot plate have been selected to ensure easy clean up and the highest level of hygiene is available. If you do however come across one of our units in which someone has decided to test the hot plate beyond its capabilities, the units are all plug and play, so the organisation or council in charge can quickly have the unit back up and running in no time.