Solar Lighting Kit

As vandals strike primarily at night, ensuring a park is well-lit throughout the evening will deter most, if not all, vandals from entering the park. Our Solar Lighting kits are the perfect cost effective and energy efficient lighting solution for both new and existing shelters.



Build your product in 3D and see your chosen colours, finishes and options. Using AR you can then view the product in your chosen outdoor space.

  • 7W/15W | 1,402lm / 2,805lm
  • Battery Autonomy 54 Hours or 4.5 Nights
  • 5 YR Unit Warranty
  • Passive Infra Red Motion Dectection
  • Vandal Resistant All Night Mode
  • Operates at a constant all night level of illumination until dawn Sensor Mode Sensor Mode
  • Detects movement and increases illumimation up to 100% until no motion is detected for 30 seconds Surprise Mode
  • No light until motion is detected then turns on until no motion is detected for 30 seconds
* Configurable TIMER settings for ON / OFF / DIM are available upon request.
Watts (Light Output) 15W (Boost Mode) / 7.5W (Normal Operation)
Lumens 2805lm (Boost Mode) / 1402lm (Normal Operation – Dimmable
CCT (Colour Temperature) 4000K (Standard) / 3000K (Optional)
Motion Sensor (PIR) 6m / 20” detection zone (360º) Activates for 30 seconds
Optics T3 (Standard) 135° x 85° | T5 (Optional) 110° x 135°
Autonomy 54 hours (4.5 nights)*
Solar Panel
Watts (p) / Type 65W N type monocrystalline with edgeless frame design
Efficiency 24%
Material Heavy duty IP65 316 grade stainless steel exterior shell & solar panel support frame
Sail Area / EPA 0.1146 m2 / 1.2333 FT2
Operating Temp. Range -20°C to 70°C / -4°F to 158°F
IP Rating IP65
Impact Rating IK10
Wind rating (up to) 318kmph / 198mph
Warranty Period 10 years (Battery)* / 5 years (Unit) / 25 years (Solar Panel)

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