Urban Greening

Prioritising native plants in urban greenspaces is integral to the wellbeing of the local biodiversity and wildlife. With our smart self watering Green Cell design we are able to help bring back urban greenspaces regaining the loss of quality habitats for Australian wildlife and poses a risk to the long-term sustainability of Australian landscapes.

Our Products

  • Table Settings

    Table Settings (10)

    Our Table Settings are designed to withstand any outdoor environment. They are manufactured from marine-grade aluminium while the fixings are all made with stainless steel. We offer a large range of table settings, with wheelchair access options that are DDA Certified to ensure people of all-abilities can enjoy your outdoor space.
  • Shelters

    Shelters (12)

    Our shelters are designed to withstand the harsh Australian environment. Made from 100% Australian manufactured aluminium our range of shelters provide long-lasting durability and protection.
  • Park Seats

    Park Seats (8)

    Our seats are made with 100% Australian manufactured aluminium and are available in various lengths. Many of our park seats are DDA Certified to bring everyone together outdoors.
  • Platforms

    Platforms (3)

    Our platforms are made with 100% Australian manufactured aluminium and feature a flat top to provide a comfortable seating option.
  • Grandstands

    Grandstands (1)

    Our grandstands are made with 100% Australian manufactured aluminium and available in a range of sizes. Designed with portability and durability in mind they provide maximum stability and safety.
  • Drinking Fountain

    Drinking Fountain (2)

    Our Drinking Fountains are manufactured from marine-grade aluminium, and are available in a large range of finishes. All of our fountains come with a WaterMark Certificate of Conformity, complying with relevant standards to ensure quality.
  • Bin Enclosures

    Bin Enclosures (11)

    Our Bin Enclosures deliver robust practicality and innovative designs that blend seamlessly into their surroundings.
  • Bike Parking

    Bike Parking (2)

    Our bike parking offers a simple solution to bike storage with single or multiple racks.
  • Benches

    Benches (9)

    Our benches are made with 100% Australian manufactured aluminium and are available in various lengths.
  • BBQs

    BBQs (6)

    BBQs are a common thread in exceptional outdoor spaces, but they’re not all created equal. Grillex BBQs are thoughtfully designed and enhanced by technology that ensures their usability and longevity, helping to bring people together outdoors.

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