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May 18, 2022

What is the difference between a 10 and 15 amp BBQ? (And how to choose the right one for your park)



Grillex BBQ hotplates are all made by our industry-leading design team. Both hotplates are manufactured to the highest standard but the difference between the 10 and 15 amp can affect which hotplate is best for you and your park.


About Our Hotplates


Our hotplates all include our industry-leading 4-prong heating element to eliminate cold spots reaching a maximum temperature of 275 degrees. The hotplate is made from food-grade, electropolished 316 stainless steel and the whole system is electric (no gas needed) and uses a standard 3-pin plug. The only difference is one is 10 amp and the other is 15 amp.


Power Supply


The 10 amp hotplate has a 2400W element while the 15 amp hotplate has a 3400W element. This means the 15 amp hotplate draws more power and needs to be fit to a site that can meet its requirements.


Most new sites will have a power source that meet the requirements of the 15 amp hotplate but you still need to take into consideration the size and length of cabling between the switchboard and BBQ cabinet.


Heat Up Time


The second difference between the 10 and 15 amp is the heat up times. As the 15 amp draws more power than the 10 amp BBQ, it has a faster heat up time at 6 minutes compared to the 8 minutes the 10 amp requires. This is not a significant difference but does help to decrease cooking time, which means the BBQ will become available sooner for the next user.


How to choose the right BBQ for you


The 15 amp hotplate is the preferred option by many due to its faster heat up time but it’s not suited to every public space. When it comes to choosing between the 10 and 15 amp hotplate the simple answer is to find out what power is supplied to your site.


If you’re not 100% certain what the power supply is, Grillex recommends you have an electrician test the site to ensure you purchase the right BBQ hotplate.