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December 6, 2022

The Ultimate Alternative to Timber

When designing a park, choosing the suitable material for park furniture can make the difference between a beautiful park that will last a lifetime and a material that will provide short-term satisfaction with continual heavy costs.



Many materials on the market can suit the needs of any plan, with timber being the most popular for park furniture, and we can see why. The durable material offers a warm, inviting look and feel for the end users and allows outdoor structures and nature to be brought together to create a unified space. From the classic park bench to platforms and shelters, timber is a versatile material with a variety of uses.



Despite the compelling benefits of timber, its drawbacks are difficult to ignore. Unlike other timber outdoor furniture, timber park furniture doesn’t have the luxury of being put away when the Australian weather becomes volatile. Timber structures will fade in appearance and suffer structural damage over time due to sun exposure and rain. Under the harsh Australian sun, timber will heat up intensely and take longer to cool down, and it also needs frequent maintenance, including oiling to avoid colour fading and applications of sealants and wax to prevent further complications.



Despite these negatives, timber remains a popular choice but is there another material that features the aesthetics of timber without the negatives?


Grillex is proud to provide the ultimate alternative to timber, TimberImage aluminium. This material is the perfect choice for park structures as it features all the aesthetic qualities of timber without any drawbacks. TimberImage aluminium can handle sun exposure without retaining heat, strengthens in colder weather conditions, and is incredibly easy to maintain, needing only soap and water to look brand new.



In addition, aluminium is an abundant material with vast design potential, leading to TimberImage aluminium being available on Grillex’s table settings, seating bins, and park platforms. Long-term peace of mind is also guaranteed for all park users when using Grillex TimberImage aluminium, as all products and materials are wholly Australian-made.


TimberImage aluminium has all the benefits park users enjoy, without the hassle found in other traditional materials.