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October 16, 2020

The Importance of Supporting Australian Businesses When Constructing Public Spaces

As Australia prepares to enter a recession, it is more important than ever to support local companies and Australian-made infrastructure when constructing public spaces. Not only will this help to funnel money into the economy, but it will ensure that public spaces feature infrastructure that is up to Australian standards, providing long-term safety and peace of mind. 


Take a look at some of the benefits of supporting Australian infrastructure companies.


Clear Communication 


One of the many benefits of choosing an Australian manufacturer is the ease of communication that comes from working with a local company. Communicating with a local Australian company will be far smoother than relying on an international manufacturer, where communications can get lost or lost in translation, and will often have much longer response times. Additionally, an Australian business will have an established understanding of local trends and standards in public infrastructure, meaning that they will be ready to provide the exact services you need. You also will have the benefit of exerting greater control over the processes and, in some cases, you will be able to visit the manufacturer and take a close look at the progress. 


Protecting Intellectual Property


Intellectual property and protection laws can vary from country to country. By choosing an Australian manufacturer, you don’t have to go through the effort of trying to decipher another country’s laws and can be assured that your intellectual property will be maintained. 


Optimising Efficiency


There is a much quicker turnaround time when you specify from an Australian company, as you won’t need to worry with international shipping or trying to navigate timezone barriers. When it comes to international shipping, costs can really built up. By choosing an Australian manufacturer, the only shipping costs you need to worry about are transporting the products from the local business to the space – a significant reduction on what you could have to pay if you choose an international manufacturer. Many Australian infrastructure companies also provide installation services, helping you to maximise your saving costs and time efficiency. 


Supporting the Australian Economy


Aside from personal benefits, utilising Australian manufacturers ensures that you are supporting local businesses that could be facing threats from international manufacturers. Australian brands pride themselves on providing infrastructure that uses Australian materials and encourages the local job market. By choosing a local company, you are supporting businesses and workers who are facing an economic recession and hardship due to COVID-19. You are also injecting money into the local economy, helping to get Australia back on its feet.  


High-Quality Products


By choosing an Australian manufacturer, you know you are guaranteed high-quality products and services. “Australia has some of the highest production standards in the world and there are a wide range of Australian-made…options available,” says the Chief Executive of the Australian Made campaign, Ian Harrison. When you choose Australian products, you know that they will last a long time, offer extensive warranties and that they are specifically constructed for the Australian environment. Australia has very harsh weather conditions and many international products are not built to handle it, especially when it comes to the strong UV rays. Australian products are typically made with UV protection and have fire safety ratings, which are equipped to handle any season. 


Choose to support Australian infrastructure specialists for your public spaces and provide value both for your space and for local businesses.