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August 11, 2022

How Do We Manage Our Supply Chain (While Staying 100% Australian Made)?

With constant industry changes and disruptions, lead times for many have been blown out proportion, putting lengthy delays and driving project cost up.


Grillex have always worked hard to minimise external impacts on our production line so that our lead times remain consistent. There are two main factors that contribute to this without us having to sacrifice the quality of our products: having a shallow supply chain and being 100% Australian made.



Shallow Supply Chain


We work closely with our suppliers to ensure Grillex will always have the materials needed to deliver to our clients. By identifying industry disruptions ahead of time and safeguarding against them, we avoid delays and long lead times in our production line.



100% Australian Made


Being Australian made and manufactured also helps to control our lead times and keep them relatively short even in the busiest times. But that’s not the only benefit of being Australian made.



We also get to:


1. Support local jobs

2. Reduce delivery cost

3. Reduce our carbon footprint

4. Have full quality control of our product

5. Give you access to our local customer support team