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July 31, 2023

Introducing the All-New Elite BBQ Range: Elevating Your Outdoor Grilling Experience

Innovation is key to developing commercial BBQs and outdoor areas that meet the needs of the community. Choosing the right outdoor furniture makes a big difference in creating a space people can enjoy together and have the best user experience. To design a new product for both end users and the maintenance team, it is crucial to observe the user experience and listen to their feedback.

As part of the Grillex New Product Development process, the Grillex team is constantly looking for opportunities to engage the community. With a vast range of products for people to enjoy in parks and public spaces, the Grillex BBQ Range leads the way with sustainable, inclusive and accessible designs for communities – and its latest model, the Elite BBQ, delivers the ultimate outdoor solution for your urban design project. Addressing common design challenges, from DDA compliance to incorporating Smart Technology, the Grillex Elite BBQ elevates the outdoor grilling experience for all users.



The Innovation Behind the Elite BBQ Range

Putting the Market First

Meeting market need has always been a Grillex priority, and working with councils and communities themselves has helped them create the ideal BBQ solution. Extensive research, observation on how BBQs are used, and understanding of what would facilitate customer experience and the work of maintenance teams was essential for the Grillex Team to develop their next innovation: the Elite BBQ Range.

A Sleeker, More Modern Look to Make Your Project Stand Out

Armed with expert in-house design capabilities, Grillex created a stylish modern design to meet today’s aesthetic requirements. With contemporary features such as rounded corners, hidden fixings and a revitalised on/off label, the Elite BBQ offers a clean aesthetic that provides a standout addition to any outdoor space. These aesthetic features also offer dual functional purposes – such as the broader base, which provides extra stability.


DDA Compliance and Accessibility

Urban designers and councils are versed in the importance of compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) in creating outdoor spaces that cater to the needs of all users. To create spaces accessible to everyone, the designers at Grillex work closely with qualified disability access consultants and use AS1428.1-2009 and AS1428.2-1992 as a guide to ensure a product’s compliance within the DDA’s scope.

Easy access is always at the forefront of the Grillex BBQ Range, and for the Elite BBQ it was no different: the range was designed with a cantilevered front, optimal benchtop-height and cooking surface and strategically positioned on/off button to make it DDA Compliant and wheelchair accessible. The accessible design of the Elite BBQ enhances outdoor spaces and BBQ areas for people of all abilities to enjoy together.

Fabrication and Modular Panel System

The Elite BBQ was carefully designed, with a focus on creating a BBQ that could be manufactured using standard sheet sizes and materials readily available for streamlined production and reduced project costs. Everything was made easy to fabricate, with modular panels to reduce the number of components needed, but also to add customisation, allowing designers to ‘mix and match’ to create their dream BBQ design. The variations allowed by the modular system make the Elite BBQ versatile for different spaces and requirements.

Designed for Easy Maintenance and Service

The Elite BBQ is designed to make maintenance and service a hassle-free operation. In collaboration with maintenance personnel, Grillex designed a BBQ with special enhancements to further improve accessibility and user convenience.

The Elite BBQ features a grease drawer system positioned under each hotplate with the door for the drawer raised from the ground, making it easily accessible. All it takes to empty the grease bucket is opening the door, pulling the drawer out and effortlessly removing and replacing the bucket.

The Elite BBQ also features a strategically placed control box right at the door opening. This smart placement allows users to easily adjust or change settings without any inconvenience.

Along with improved access for maintenance via convenient keyed doors and an efficient waste pipe function, the Elite BBQ reduces the time and costs associated with park BBQ maintenance. The size of the front access opening has been increased to aid the installation and servicing of the BBQ, with detachable front panels on the cabinet that give a large access opening into the entire BBQ cabinet to support the installation of the Power Outlet (GPO) and general maintenance.




Unmatched Features of the Elite BBQ Range

Matching a Modern Design with Functionality and User Experience

With sleek rounded corners, accessible openings and easy cleaning, the Elite BBQ prioritises convenience and ease of use. You can choose from a full range of powder coat colour finishes and the Elite BBQ is available in single, double or triple sizes. Combined with the Grillex 360 Smart Technology for easier BBQ usage monitoring, and convenient timers for cooktops and hotplates, the Elite BBQ offers the most convenient BBQ user experience yet. Enjoy cooking outdoors as it was meant to be.

Create Your Dream Project with These Diverse Product Specifications

The Elite BBQ is highly customisable, with different access door options, a full range of colours, reaching temperatures up to 275°C and a cook time of only 25 minutes. It is available in 10 amp or 15 amp voltage to suit your park’s power source requirements.

To explore the range further, visit the Elite BBQ product page for colour charts, CAD drawing, and more:



Looking Ahead: A Future of Continuous Improvement

Our Commitment to Innovation

Grillex is always striving to enhance its products, as part of our dedication to user experience. The Elite BBQ will continue to evolve to meet user needs, with more upcoming enhancements in the pipeline to make it the best possible user experience.

Designed with urban planners, maintenance personnel and end users in mind, the Grillex Elite BBQ range is modern, compliant, accessible, versatile and easy to maintain – a guaranteed way to bring people together outdoors. Specifying the Grillex Elite commercial BBQ provides a surefire way to create an outdoor space that can be enjoyed by all occupants in an area, without long-term hassles such as difficult maintenance for councils. By working with you, we’ve created a solution that meets every one of your needs for the perfect outdoor BBQ area.

To discuss your project in more detail, get in touch with the Grillex team of specialists for support. Request a call back