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May 24, 2023

Creating Public Spaces that are DDA Compliant

In today’s diverse and inclusive society, it is crucial for Australian councils and architects to prioritise accessibility and inclusivity in their design and planning processes. Grillex, a renowned leader in creating accessible spaces, understands the significance of bringing people of all abilities together. By adhering to industry standards and collaborating with qualified disability access consultants, Grillex ensures compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) while providing exceptional product design and functionality.


Understanding the Standards: AS1428.1-2009 and AS1428.2-1992

To establish a strong foundation for accessible design, Grillex’s designers work closely with qualified disability access consultants. These experts utilize AS1428.1-2009 and AS1428.2-1992 as guiding principles, ensuring compliance with the DDA. These standards provide comprehensive guidelines for creating accessible environments, including considerations for pathways, ramps, handrails, seating, and more. By incorporating these standards into their designs, councils and architects can prioritize inclusivity and accessibility.


Grillex projects that have incorporated these standards include:



Collaborative Consultation with Disability Advocates

Grillex places great importance on engaging in extensive consultation with people with disabilities and their representative organisations. This collaborative approach ensures that the needs and perspectives of the disability community are taken into account during the design process. By actively involving individuals with disabilities, councils and architects can gain invaluable insights and feedback, leading to more effective and inclusive design outcomes.


Going Beyond the Standards

While AS1428.1-2009 and AS1428.2-1992 serve as essential guidelines, Grillex recognises that some elements may not fall directly under their scope. To address these situations, an independent disability access consultant assesses and evaluates such items. Grillex obtains certificates to confirm compliance with the standards and best practices, reinforcing their commitment to creating universally accessible spaces.


Striking the Balance: Accessibility, Durability, and Safety

Grillex’s extensive experience in product design ensures that accessibility is never compromised, while also prioritising durability and safety. With decades of expertise, Grillex combines intelligent ergonomics with superior craftsmanship, resulting in furniture that meets the needs of all individuals. Continual upgrades and innovations keep their offerings at the forefront of accessibility, ensuring that councils and architects can confidently select universally accessible furniture.


Expertise and Collaboration for DDA Compliance

Grillex prides itself on being experts in the field of accessibility. Their close collaboration with disability access consultants enables them to stay informed and up to date with the requirements of the DDA. By leveraging their expertise and seeking advice from knowledgeable consultants, councils and architects can navigate the complexities of the DDA more effectively, fostering the creation of truly inclusive public spaces.



Have a further read from our “Easy Access” document on the details of slab and furniture dimension requirements to meet the DDA standards:


Inclusive design is not merely a legal obligation; it is a vital aspect of creating welcoming and harmonious spaces for all individuals. Grillex’s commitment to accessibility, collaboration, and adherence to the DDA makes them an ideal partner for Australian councils and architects. By embracing accessibility-focused design principles and working together with experts, councils and architects can champion inclusivity, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their abilities, can enjoy public spaces without barriers. Together, let us build a more inclusive Australia.