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June 6, 2022

Corten? CoreTen? What’s the difference?

If you haven’t already heard, Corten Steel is the newest design trend, known for its aesthetic rusty appearance. You’ll find it used in art, buildings and public spaces (such as park furniture). And though its weathered look is appealing to the eye, it may not be the best option for your project, though there is an alternative.


Now available in a powder coat is Sable CoreTen. With the same look and feel as Corten Steel, Sable CoreTen is a textured powder coat that mimics the grainy surface and distinct colour of rust.


If you’re wanting to incorporate this colour into your next public space, whether it be on your BBQ, park furniture or shelter posts, here are some things you should know so that you can make an educated decision.


What is Corten Steel and how is it made? 


Corten Steel is a piece of steel that is allowed to gain a layer of surface rust. This stems from the idea that a layer of rust will protect the steel underneath from further deterioration and removes the need for paint. But for this layer to form, specific environmental conditions are required, and they cannot be guaranteed.


This is because the steel needs to stabilise to deliver the maintenance free, aesthetic benefits of Corten Steel. But varying conditions, like too much humidity, doesn’t allow the steel to ever reach a stable point. This means the steel can lose its strength and in turn, need replacement. Even if it has reached a stable point, general weathering and acid rain will cause the same loss of integrity.


Another issue with Corten Steel is that even in a stable condition, it can stain other materials around it, such as pavement underneath it. These stains can be hard and sometimes impossible to remove.


Why Sable CoreTen is the best option for your public space


Sable CoreTen is a powder coat, which means it has a high resistance to scratching and chipping, does not peel like liquid paint, is not affected by weather conditions and provides a protective coating around your park furniture. Powder coat is also cost-effective compared to Corten Steel, which can cost up to three times the amount of ordinary steel. This also leads it to be a more sustainable option than Corten.


Sable CoreTen is the practical choice for your park furniture. Though if you’re not sold yet, you can use our 3D Configurator to see your park furniture in Sable CoreTen and even view it in your park with our app-less AR.