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August 3, 2022

A Closer Look: Grillex Extrusions and Endcaps

We have taken extra care to design our furniture to handle the toughest conditions, and maintain their pristine appearance. So, when it comes to our table settings, parks seats and benches, park platforms and grandstands we have designed robust extrusions and endcaps to ensure their longevity.


How do we do it?


1. Reinforced webbing

Our extrusions are not completely hollow, but contain reinforced webbing on the inside for additional strength. This helps our extrusions last longer, as they will not bend or warp over time.


2. Screwed in endcaps

An endcap is essential to any extrusion to safeguard your furniture from insects, vermin and litter. This can include hazardous waste or stinging and poisonous insects that build nests in tight spaces. We ensure our endcaps stay on by screwing them in.


3. Marine-grade aluminium

Our extrusions and endcaps are made from marine-grade aluminium. Marine-grade aluminium differs from other aluminium’s as it has a higher resistance to corrosion. It sits in the 5000 series due to the additional chromium and manganese, and the precipitation hardening, whereby it goes through a specific heat treatment to increase its yield strength while keeping it lightweight.