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December 6, 2022

3 Ways to Deter Vandals in your Park

Parks are wonderful additions to communities; they can help raise property values, offer
a safe place for families to gather, and provide exciting activities for children.


Unfortunately, parks are also a prime target for vandalism. Vandals can single-handedly
reduce a well-constructed park to an area the surrounding community avoid. A large
percentage of maintenance budgets, therefore, go to vandalism repairs and cleaning
rather than, for example, updating facilities.


To end this cycle, here are three ways to protect your community park from vandalism
and deter those from taking advantage of the area.


1. Security


  • Sturdy fences and security gates can deter vandals from the start, as it
    provides a visual deterrent but also makes it difficult for them to enter the
    park without being seen.


  • Consider installing security cameras around the perimeter of the park.
    While this is an extreme measure of security, cameras can make a
    difference if the park is experiencing high levels of vandalism. Ensure to
    place signs around the park informing visitors of the cameras and their



2. Design


  • Use vandal-resistant materials as much as possible when designing
    parks. These materials make maintenance of structures quick, simple, and
  • As vandals strike primarily at night, ensuring the park is well-lit throughout
    the evening will deter most, if not all, vandals from entering the park.



3. Community


  • Create a dedicated website for the community to post incidents
    anonymously or direct them to a Crime Stoppers website.
  • Popular parks are less likely to be vandalised, and making the park more
    inviting ensures it is visited frequently and will lower the risks of vandalism.
    Constructing water fountains, BBQs, secure restrooms, etc., are some
    ways parks can be more inviting.



There is no reason to put up with vandalism when there are simple but
effective ways to ensure your parks aren’t subject to vandals.