Better Shared Spaces

Creating the 4th Space.

Great design is essential to the quality of outdoor space


HYVE allows you to shape the future of your community – enabling greater social interaction and transforming your space into a premier outdoor destination.

Influence the ambiance and flow of your environment with HYVE, and become the heart of your community where health and wellbeing thrive.

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Health &

HYVE is a responsive outdoor seating system that can be manipulated to suit any outdoor environment in order to maximise public use whilst maintaining social distancing.


This offers users opportunities to maintain meaningful social connections

together with the benefits of improved physical and mental wellbeing by

spending quality time in outdoor spaces safely.


Every component is composed of 100% recyclable materials to help lower its environmental footprint. You can add new components to expand your system as your community grows while still retaining a cohesive outdoor space at any stage of its life. The system can be reconfigured so no matter the changes your park goes through, HYVE will always fit in.

is Possible

HYVE is a sustainable, expanding system that helps build for the future. As your community grows, so does the HYVE with 60 ̊and 90 ̊ connectors that extend your system. Providing true flexibility, HYVE allows you to create more functionality within your space. Capture your vision with a choice of one or double-sided tables, and a large range of powdercoat finishes to choose from – the possibilities are endless.