Contour or Frontier. Which Wheelchair accessible BBQ is right for me?

by | Feb 4, 2019 | Articles | 0 comments

Providing an environment that promotes inclusion is great.  Everyone should have the ability to enjoy their public facilities, even those confined to a wheelchair.  As such, Grillex has designed two DDA approved wheelchair accessible barbecues.  Find out below which one is best for you.

Unlike the Frontier, the Contour features legs or solid ends allows this unit to be free standing.  It has been designed to fit the same dimensions of the EDGE design bbq, which means it is perfect for placing back to back in areas where you wish to utilise a mix of Contour and EDGE bbqs.  Access for wheelchairs is from the front on this design and a wheelchair must come in and out of the bbq from a straight on position.  However, with this being said, there is plenty of room with the double and triple bbq options available.

The Frontier has been designed to allow easy access to the unit, partially from the side and from the front.  This makes it extremely easy for you to move a wheelchair around the bbq.  The design of this bbq looks stylish and when powder coated in vibrant colours, can be a real focal point of your space. Once complete, the bbq is then bolted down to ensure safety and stability.