Design & Construction

Choose Grillex as the finishing touch for your next construction project.

Grillex has a vast range of products, from single hotplate to easy-access units. This is handy for architects and landscape designers looking for barbecues with:

  • the right aesthetics
  • energy and environmental efficiency, and
  • safety

The installation time is minimal thanks to our ready-assembled cabinets. The in-bench units simply slot into place while the Plug and Play heat source replaces complicated gas fittings. Plus, an electric heat supply makes for safer operation and cooking that’s safer for both users and the environment.

The GXA 10-amp 2.4 kw is ideal for balcony or rooftop use as it uses a standard 10-amp outlet. Easy to install, safe and easy to clean! The GXA 15 3.5kw has also been designed for maximum cooking effect without wasting energy. The Heatcell’s intelligent, self-diagnostic system makes sure cooking is consistent, no matter if future chefs are barbecuing one steak or thirty.

Vandals won’t get the last laugh, either. Grillex barbecues have gone through rigorous testing and come with a tough locking system to prevent theft.

Explore the Grillex smarter BBQ benefits


No boundaries with endless opportunities for everyone.

A figure of festivity and fun around the ‘camp fire’.

When we look at these words we see a vision of a commercial grade barbecue that desires to be the centre of attention.

One that is not only engaging with its community in the park on Saturday, but also lending its services back in the office on Monday for the corporate cookup. A barbecue that holds all of the strengths and capabilities of our existing range, yet is not tied down to the one location. 


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    Single button operation. Press or Press & Hold (if child lock is enabled) to start the barbeque.Then hold the button for 5 seconds to turn the barbecue off.


    Local requirements for some installations require the use of a child lock feature. When the child lock switch is in the ON position the barbeque start button needs to be held for 5 seconds before the hotplate will begin heating.


    As the owner, you can set the cooking temperature and cooking length. You can also enable/disable the child lock & buzzer features as well as monitor how many times the unit has been turned on & how long it was on.


    Grillex’s amazing Plug & Play system is truly unique. The clever electronic heart is contained in a tamper and weather proof control module. No electrician required for module replacement.


    The Grillex controller is intelligent enough to detect faults with the hotplate or thermostat and alert the user. The status indicator on the Grillex control unit (not visible to the public) will let you know where the fault lies.


    The Grillex inbench unit is only 15kg and can be easily removed in case of fire or flood and returned after the threat is gone, without the need of an electrician.

Grillex Smarter MK2 BBQ Controller

Now complementing our Grillex hotplates is the new innovative Mk2 controller. This
powerful and efficient unit now has a bright easy to read digital display and comes
with all the added functions and features you have been waiting for!!

In addition to the all the previous energy saving features of the smart MK1, the new
Mk2 smarter controller now has….

A counter to monitor how many times the BBQ is used, A total run hours meter to
measure the duration of use and A total KwH used meter which displays the power

All these new features provide critical data with the important benefit of superior
control and operation for personnel involved in maintaining and maximising the
efficiencies of multiple Barbecue sites.



At Grillex we have a trailer decked out with the latest Barbecue equipment we have on offer. This trailer travels throughout the states a few times a year, so if you would like to get up close and personal with out units and sales staff register below, so we can come and visit you.


"Just passing on that the community and visitors to Ocean Shores are very happy with your Double Easy Access CL BBQ.

This completes our newly erected slab & shelter, BBQ facilities and picnic tables, and wheelchair access pathway in Waterlily Community Playscape. We're very pleased with the result !

Thanks for all your advice and helpful service team in finally providing fantastic BBQ/Picnic facilities in Ocean Shores.  We've only been waiting for this day for 48 years !"

Tina Petroff, Treasurer/ Waterlily Community Playscape Inc.

"We have purchased several Grillex unit's both single and doubles and to date we haven't had any major problems with the units. Most of the time we receive complaints from members of the public that our BBQ's "don't get hot enough and the meat stews on the plate". However, in the few areas that we have installed the Grillex BBQ's the feedback has been very positive about the cooking temperature of them. I would personally like to say that they definitely look the part and all of our Electrical Staff have been quite impressed with the units that have been installed to date. I also like the fact that if there is a fault with the unit a replacement can be taken out to site and replaced easily without the need for an electrician to do it. "

Leon Spencer , Bundaberg Regional Council - Group Supervisor Projects / Zoo

"Friends, the electric BBQ has been successfully installed today. It looks great and as a council-standard unit is practically bulletproof, and easy to clean. Markieke and I and maintenance man Bruce have keys to open the BBQ's inner controls and cleaning bins. Outside, the only user control is one child-safe button for each grill plate that has to be pushed for 5" to swtich on. The plate heats for 9 mins with button showing a red light, and then turns green for 30 mins cooking time. Press for more time or to stop. Instructions clearly printed on the BBQ. Very impressed with service from BBQ supplier Unisite in Qld. Cheers and enjoy Australia Day!"

Ian Lang, Strata Real Estate Services

"Recently our school took delivery of a new Unisite triple cooking plate electric barbecue. We have found the product very easy to use and Steve Hancock and the team were very obliging and easy to deal with. We had some minor teething problems which were rectified very swiftly . I could see the pride and the passion Ian the technician, who attended our school, has in the product. We have a number of School functions, a "Welcome BBQ" for a parent group, Staff celebration of World Teachers Day, even a Home Economics class experiencing different forms of cooking, where the BBQ performed faultlessly. The parents group prepared approx. 300 sausages and were surprised at the ease of cooking and cleaning of BBQ. I would have no hesitation in recommending Unisite or their, Barbecues to anyone."

Joe Elmore , Schools Officer (Kenmore State High School)