Creating the 4th Space

Our vision is that everyone has access to a healthy urban landscape.
We collaborate, design, and deliver parks that are evolving, through our four pillars of health, sustainability, technology, and inclusiveness, to elevate the urban nature experience – creating the 4th Space.
The 4th Space is not your home, not your workplace or the coffee shop – it’s your park.

The 4th Space Principles


Spaces that encourage and allow you to safely move, relax, recover and reset.


Spaces that sit gently in their environment and contribute more than they take.


Smart spaces that enhance the park experience through data, connectivity, convenience.


Spaces that welcome everyone
without segregation.

How Do We Do This?


We bring together the power of many to address the emerging trends and challenges facing our communities.


We design practical and creative
responses to those needs.


We provide the assets that bring the 4th Space to Life.